June 29, 2023


Michael K. Frisby

The Inaugural ‘NAREB TOP 100 AWARDS’ Will Recognize The Best Black Real Estate Agents and Teams In The U.S.

Awardees Expected to Demonstrate More than $1Billion of Real Estate Transactions  

WASHINGTON – The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) launched its prestigious NAREB TOP 100 Awards today, a process that will honor the Top 100 African American real estate professionals across the United States. The trailblazing recognition will celebrate the remarkable achievements of the best and brightest Black agents each year. 

“This is a celebration of excellence, a spotlight on innovation, and a testament to the outstanding contributions Black agents make to the real estate industry,” said Lydia Pope, NAREB’s president. “NAREB TOP 100 Awards signifies our unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment in the real estate realm.” 

Dr. Courtney Johnson Rose, the NAREB president-elect, agreed, “The Awards will be a historical, memorable, and transformative event that will shape the future of real estate in America.  We welcome the beginning of an extraordinary journey.”  

The inaugural NAREB TOP 100 Awards ceremony will be held in Houston, TX, on Thursday, August 3, at the NAREB Annual Conference.  The theme will be Black Wall Street Reimagined, a recognition of the success of Black businesses over the decades.  The attire for the event will be the Roaring 20s style and atmosphere. Attendees will be the Top 100 African American real estate agents, industry leaders, influential sponsors, special guests, and media.  The event will be held at a glamorous venue with a red-carpet reception and an exclusive networking dinner.  Event details will be released soon. 

“The real estate and financial services industries frequently look for opportunities to meet and recruit top talent into their organizations; our NAREB TOP 100 event will provide them with networking opportunities to mingle with the best Black real estate agents and brokers,” said Renee Wilson, who is NAREB’s, executive director. “We invite these corporations and franchises to take advantage of this opportunity.  In one room, we will have individuals and teams who have topped $ 1 billion in transactions.”    



The NAREB TOP 100 will honor agents in the following categories – Top 50 Individuals, Top 20 Teams, Top 20 Loan Officers, Top 10 Commercial Brokers, and Emerging Leaders. There will also be a Community Impact Award, a Rising Star Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Luminary. Award selections for Individuals, Teams, Loan Officers and Commercial Brokers will be based on production with a minimum volume of transactions required. The Emerging Leaders, Community Impact, Rising Star, and Lifetime Achievement awards selections will come from members, community leaders, and local, regional, and national real estate community nominations.     

An online application process will be developed and announced soon.  The awards are open to members and non-members of NAREB. All non-members who are winners will receive a one-year membership to their local chapters. Applications must include a 30-second video promoting the applicant and their accomplishments. Winners will be announced before the August event, and rankings will be displayed on the day of the event. 

“A panel of industry experts and NAREB representatives will carefully evaluate nominees based on their outstanding performance, meaningful community engagement, and transformative impact on the real estate industry,” said Wilson, who has led the planning for the event. “Our rigorous, transparent selection process guarantees the credibility and prestige of these awards.” 

And Wilson noted, “The NAREB TOP 100 is poised to revolutionize the industry by celebrating and honoring the accomplishments of African American real estate agents in an unprecedented way. This trailblazing event will propel our award recipients into the limelight and inspire a new generation of real estate professionals to chase greatness.” 

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NAREB was formed in 1947 to secure equal housing opportunities regardless of race, creed, or color. NAREB has advocated for legislation and supported or instigated legal challenges that ensure fair housing, sustainable homeownership, and access to credit for Black Americans. Simultaneously, NAREB advocates for and promotes access to business opportunities for Black real estate professionals in each real estate discipline.   From the past to the present, NAREB remains an association proud of its history, dedicated to its chosen struggle, and unrelenting in its pursuit of the REALTIST®’s mission/vision embedded goal, “Democracy in Housing.”